About the Green Party of Alaska

Many of those much-reviled “Outside environmentalists” happen to live in Alaska. We are people who care about this state and its resources—all of them—and want our grandchildren to enjoy them too. It makes no sense to use up the life of the land: we are its stewards for the sake of future generations, not its owners.

But the Green Party is about more than environmentalism. We take an unequivocally strong stand on human rights, grassroots democracy, and social justice. We seek to honor cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious, and spiritual diversity. We don’t waffle around: human rights are for everyone.

We focus on the future consequences of our actions today. Other parties focus on the next election cycle in an increasingly polarized and ineffectual political climate. We support commonsense solutions to our energy and economic problems, to build up local businesses and take us out of the destructive boom-bust cycle. By recognizing the connections between the economy, community, and environment, we can gather information, build consensus, and make good decisions that will benefit present and future generations.


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